Repair and Maintenance

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance in Medina, Atascosa, and Bexar

For over 30 years, the experts at Comfort Commander, have provided fast, reliable and accurate air conditioning repair service for our customers. Whether your air conditioner is blowing warm air, makes a strange noise or some other type of problem, just give us a call. Our technicians have many years of experience working on all various kinds of air conditioning issues. We understand that emergency repairs happen unexpectedly and always at the worst times. This is why we offer emergency repair services 24/7, no matter the time of day or size of job. We honor our military, and offer all members of the Medina Electric Cooperative 10% off all repairs and replacements. We also do replacement, tune-up, and thermostat changeout rebates for Medina County Customers. Bexar County residents, we offer rebates for you as well.
At Comfort Commander, we offer quality repair and maintenance services for your cooling systems throughout Medina county, Atascosa, and Bexar.

Air Conditioning Repair Services at Comfort Commander

Because of the heat and humidity all year round, your air conditioning system most likely is running all the time. After a while, this can cause small problems that eventually turn into bigger ones. These issues can sometimes be obvious, like if your system is blowing warn air or making a weird noise, but most of the time you may not be aware of the issue progressing with your AC system. If you notice any change with your air conditioner’s operation, call Comfort Commander immediately at: (210) 899-0527. Fixing problems early is a fantastic way to stop them from resulting in costly repairs. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Clogged air filter – by far the most common cause of air conditioning repair service is a clogged air filter. Make sure that you change your air filter regularly.
  • Leaking Water – this is usually caused by a clogged condensate line.
  • Strange noises – if you hear squealing, hissing, gurgling, or any other new noises coming from your air conditioning system call for repair immediately.
  • No cooling – when your air conditioner stops producing cold air it likely means that it needs professional repair.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services at Comfort Commander

For homeowners that are interested in potentially reducing the need for air conditioning repair, Comfort Commander offers a very attractive maintenance program. Not only does this increase the comfort and efficiency of your AC system, but it also saves you a lot of money in repairs and installations in the long run. Here are a few more potential benefits to getting regular maintenance for your air conditioner:

  • Reduced Repair Needs
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Extended Equipment Life