About Us

We are a genuine family-based business located just outside of San Antonio, TX. In 1997, after the owner, David Ehlinger retired from the US Navy, his dad sat down with him at the kitchen table and said, “You get those boys of yours and start an AC business.” Talk about vision….David’s oldest of 5 sons was only 10 years old!!

With that discussion, David set out to accomplish that assignment from his dad. He earned a degree in business while working for two local air conditioning companies for several years. His next step was to instruct what he had learned at Everest Institute.

Confident in his knowledge and performance, he trained his sons to work with him. David’s daughters and his wife have a responsibility to serve customers on a daily basis in accounting and dispatching. Last, but not least, his daughters-in-law lend a hand in design and writing when the need arises – while caring for their families.

Our technicians and service staff have interests of their own outside of air conditioning, and you may also share the same interests!

Erich is a pilot, as well as our Project Manager. He has flown all over the world and is now a Certified Flight Instructor in San Antonio. He has a beautiful family, a wife, and three girls who all love him very much.
Kandace is our Financial Bookkeeper. In her spare time, she likes to garden, help baby sit, and fix anything that needs fixing around the house. She is a blessing to everyone around her.

Travis is our official cowboy. He loves training horses and caring for farm animals of all kinds. He is married and has a beautiful daughter that will be one-years-old in March.

Daniel loves mechanical work and welding of all kinds and varieties. If Daniel sees something that needs to be done, he will get it done. He has had that same drive since he was a child. Daniel joined the Devine Volunteer Fire Department this year and thoroughly enjoys working with the community.

Austin enjoys the ranching life and would like to develop his honey bee operation as time permits. He has been working with bees for about the same time he has been working alongside his father in the A/C business….10 years! He also signed up with the Devine Volunteer Fire Department this year. You should see those two tear out of the house on the way to a fire call. Impressive.

Erick Guerra is our helper and a very faithful helper at that. He learns quickly and is always there to lend a helping hand — and even cover for us when we need him to. We have full confidence that he can fix anything!

Citing the warnings of Deuteronomy 28:32 in the Bible, we would love to teach and encourage other fathers to work with their own sons, rather than giving them away to someone else. These days, this task is no easy feat, but it is so very important…especially for American families. There are many relationship issues that fly up, and we have had them all! The Lord works with us and sees us through each one, and we give him the glory for anything good that is accomplished.

Sign up as a valued Maintenance Member in the beginning of a generational endeavor, and work with us to provide trusted comfort for generations in your family.
We look forward to meeting you and appreciate your interest in Comfort Commander Air Conditioning and Heating.